Icon Map

Usage & Instructions

This section provides instructions and guidance on how to use the various features of Icon Map. The ambition is to include a video and downloadable example for each scenario.

Well Known Text (WKT)


Field configuration

Well Known Text (WKT) is a way of representing objects on a map, and are supported by a number of databases including Microsoft SQL Server. Icon Map supports displaying Point, MultiPoint, LineString, MultiLineString, Polygon and MultiPolygon objects, therefore providing good support for the SQL Server Geography datatype.

Icon Map requires each object to be on a new row within your dataset, with a unique identifier. The ID should be placed in the category field, and the WKT object in the 'Icon URL / WKT / SVG' field. Icon Map also requires a size field to be passed.

Specific color values for each shape fill and outline can be provided by using the 'Circle / WKT / GeoJSON Fill Color' and 'Circle / WKT / GeoJSON Outline Color' field. #RRGGBB, #RRBBBBAA, rbg (r,g,b) and rgb(r,g,b,a) formats are supported.

If you have longitude and latitude fields specified due to have other types of map object, these must have null values to relate these rows to a WKT object.

Download example report

WKT Settings

Include WKT objects in auto zoom

On: The map will include WKT objects so that they are all included in view, when the map is initially loaded, or filtered.

Off: Only other map objects are included in view.

Show tooltips on WKT objects

Toggle whether to display tooltips for WKT objects.

Allow selecting WKT objects

Toggles whether WKT objects can be selected.

Known issue: Currently the lasso does not take account of this setting.

Line / Border Color

Color of the object outlines, or line color if a line or multiline. If you have a field in the 'Circle / Line / WKT / GeoJSON Outline Color' fieldwell, then this setting is ignored, and will instead take the value from this field.

Line Width

With of the outlines or borders

Line Opacity

Opacity of the shape outlines. 0 = completely transparent. 100 = completely opaque.

Fill Color

Fill color for polygons

Fill Opacity

Opacity of the shape fill. 0 = completely transparent. 100 = completely opaque.

Point Size

Size of 'Point' objects