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Icon Map is a free custom visual for Microsoft Power BI. Custom visuals allow you to extend the capabilties of Power BI with additional visuals, not developed by Microsoft. This visual was developed by James Dales and is based on an Open Source library, Leaflet. Whilst there are other map visuals available for Power BI, Icon Map was created to provide additional functionality not available in those visuals.

Icon Map is now available from within Power BI via AppSource and via the AppSource website. The latest version of the visual with the latest updates and bug fixes is available from the downloads page of this site. If you find any bugs, please drop me an email at support@icon-map.com and I'll do my best to get them fixed ASAP.

Interactive tour

Example use cases

Locations of renewable assets

Icon Map can display images at locations on the map

Vehicle tracking

Images can be resized and rotated.


Background Layers



GeoJSON shapes

Well Known Text (WKT)


Map controls and interaction

Community sessions & conferences

Icon Map has featured in a number of user group and conference sessions. A selection can be found below. In addition DiscoverEI have created a series of blog posts which are a great resource to get you started with Icon Map. Thanks so much to the team at DiscoverEI for putting this together.

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