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Icon Map is a custom visual for Microsoft Power BI. Custom visuals allow you to extend the capabilties of Power BI with additional visuals, not developed by Microsoft. This visual was developed by James Dales.

Icon Map was available in the custom visuals marketplace (App Source) within Power BI since 2018. However, the version available in App Source had not been updated since its initial release and was causing confusion so I have withdrawn this version. The documentation in this site relates to an upcoming, new version of Icon Map that will be released into App Source following a period of beta testing.

Update (31st January 2022)

Icon Map is now available from within Power BI via AppSource and via the AppSource website. The latest version of the visual is and will continue to be available from the downloads page.

I am still working on the instructions but the content on the site has now been updated to reflect the V3 visual.

If you find any bugs, please drop me an email at support@icon-map.com and I'll do my best to get them fixed ASAP.

DiscoverEI are creating a series of blog posts which are a great resource to get you started with Icon Map. Thanks so much to the team at DiscoverEI for putting this together.

For an overview of Icon Map and its capabilities, check out this recording (in English) from a recent session at the Stuttgart Power Platform User Group:

The Icon Map is a map visual based on an Open Source library, Leaflet. There are other map visuals available for Power BI. Icon Map was created to provide additional functionality not available in those visuals.

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